about patoka lake
About Patoka lake

About Patoka Lake State Park

Get the full scoop on Patoka Lake! Check out maps, get updated weather reports, explore the rules and regulations.  Now’s your chance to dive into this beautiful lake without getting wet!

About Patoka Lake


Patoka Lake has quite the fascinating past, from its fruitful land to teeming wildlife. Unfortunately, some towns and roadways didn’t escape unscathed when the Reservoir was finished in ’78 – now lying beneath their glassy waters for all eternity!


If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, then there’s no better place to be than Patoka Lake! This tranquil hotspot is sure to have something for everyone. From feathered friends and finned creatures – explore the great outdoors in this picturesque paradise full of surprises!


Patoka Lake’s rules might be an extensive list, but most are just common courtesies. After all, we they want everyone to get along while they experience the beauty of this lakeside paradise!


Before you can explore the wondrous Patoka Lake State Park, there’s a little obstacle to overcome – an entrance fee.  If nobody is manning the gate then you can get in for free.


Start your journey towards an unforgettable trip to Patoka Lake by equipping yourself with a range of maps. These will ensure you can find what you are interested in.  Patoka Lake is a pretty big area.


Patoka Lake is the perfect spot for a quick getaway, with Louisville and Evansville only an hour away in opposite directions—and Indianapolis just two hours further north. Escape from it all at Patoka Lake!


Before you enjoy your day by the beautiful Patoka Lake, be sure to check one thing first – Mother Nature’s forecast!


We have gathered several links to give you information on Water Levels and Temperatures at Patoka Lake.


Patoka Lake puts on several events.  So do the private companies that surround Patoka Lake.  You may want to plan your trip around some events!