patoka lake boat ramps
patoka lake state park boat ramps

Patoka Lake Boat Ramps

Easily find  Patoka Lake Boat Ramps. There are 10 boat ramps around the lake! This makes it easy for you to access any part of the lake.

king bridge ramp

About Patoka Lake Boat Ramps

 You can find a ramp close to the section of the Patoka Lake you want to access..  Each ramp has its own character and offers something different for boaters. You can even access the headwaters of Patoka Lake from a ramp!

You want to spend time on the water, not driving around looking for a spot to put your boat in!  We want to make that as easy as possible for you. With convenient boat ramps, you will be able to get on the lake quickly and easily. Spend more time fishing, swimming, and enjoying yourself on Patoka Lake!

patoka lake jackson ramp

Canoe and Kayak Ramp

Fisherman's Ramp

King's Bridge Ramp

Jackson's Ramp

Lick Fork Ramp

Little Patoka Ramp

North Ramp

Osborn Ramp

Painter Creek Ramp

South Lick Fork Ramp

South Ramp

Walls Lake Ramp

Find out more information about the boat ramps and get directions to any ramp you want. You can even download this map straight to your phone.