Stay And Play
stay and play

Stay And Play at Patoka Lake

There is a lot to do at Patoka Lake and surrounding areas.

Spend a few nights or a week in the area and give yourself some time to relax and enjoy.

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Need a break from everyday hustle and bustle?

Rent a cabin at Patoka Lake for an unforgettable getaway with friends or family. You can soak up the natural beauty of Patoka Lake and enjoy spending quality time together in a cozy cabin.

Enjoy peacefulness surrounded by nature as you breathe in fresh air. Recharge away from fast-paced city life and daily routines while creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Book now before space is gone! 

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Hotels are easy and predictable.  Most offer you a tasty free breakfast.  The hotels give you easy access to Patoka Lake and also the nearby towns of Jasper and French Lick.

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Patoka Lake offers a HUGE modern campground.  They also offer a non electric fishermen campground as well as a backpackers campground

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floating cabins

Patoka Lake is the only place in Indiana where you will find rental cabins literally floating ON the water. They also offer a private deck for grilling and hanging out, and a private dock where you can park a boat, giving you easy access to Patoka Lake for fun and fishing.

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Renting a houseboat is an ideal way to explore the beauty and wildlife at Patoka Lake. They’re also a tremendous amount of fun because you can go swimming or fishing right outside your door. They’re like a floating cabin, except you can move it around the lake.

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