patoka lake boat rental

Patoka Lake Boat Rentals

Enjoy the beautiful scenery  that Patoka Lake has to offer with  top-notch Patoka lake boat rental experience

About Patoka Lake Boat Rentals

Renting a boat is a lot cheaper than buying one. You can rent all kinds of boats at Patoka Lake. From fishing boats to Pontoon Boats to double decker party boats you can rent them all right here at Patoka Lake.

Or, take a wildlife tour or wine tasting tour where you cruise the lake in style in a big, comfortable tour boat.


If you are at Patoka Lake State park and went through the pay gate, then you have 2 different businesses that are renting boats right on the water.

tour boat 4 – they have a lot of different boats for rent and these are all available to reserve through their online booking system. During warm weather on the weekends, you are really going to need to book these in advance.

Gilligans rents boats too

On the west side of the lake you can rent boats from Hoosier Hills Marina.