patoka lake fishing
patoka lake fishing

Patoka Lake Fishing

“Explore the best of Patoka Lake fishing with over 8,800 acres of water to choose from. Enjoy the thrill of catching a variety of fish with periodic stockings, making Patoka Lake, a prime destination for anglers of all skill levels.”


Many Fishing Opportunities

You can bank fish, fish off of a dock, or fish by boat. Fishing Boats are available at Patoka Lake.   Learn more about Patoka Lake Boat Rentals.

There is also a dedicated Fishermans campground in addition to a backpackers campground that are both near the water.

You will need an Indiana Fishing License at Patoka Lake. Those are available for purchase at the main park office that is located right before you enter the park’s pay gate.

To learn about current conditions, there is a great Patoka Lake Fishing Facebook group here.

fishing at patoka lake 2

Patoka Lake Fishing - Common fish targeted

largemouth fish

Largemouth Bass

Patoka Lake hosts many tournaments each year and these are usually Bass Tournaments.

crappie fish


Patoka Lake has a lot of Crappie. There are both Black and White Crappie located at Patoka Lake.
bluegill fish


People love to catch Bluegills. Especially the kids.

wall eye fish


Walleye have been introduced to Patoka Lake several times in the past
rock fish


Patoka Lake has had Stripers introduced several times. A lot of people fish for them here.

You can get bait at the marinas or at the gas station that is located on the top of the hill before you go through the entrance gate.